A Moveable Feast: Easter

Food, What's New — By Erica Firpo on April 21, 2011 at 6:12 pm

Ave Pasqua.  I am ready to feast.  Whether tourist, fan, spectator or vintaged participant, Italian Easter feasting is an Event.  It is not an afternoon lunch, it is a long weekend of  Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday feasts, and  last, but in no way least,  Pasquetta, Little Easter Monday of picnics and friends.  One must be prepared, and that I am. My stomach has been deprived of  lamb, chocolate and all things savory for several days now.  In anticipation of insanely long dinners with more insane conversations, I have practiced concentrating on nothing for hours on end and researched potential topics to wax poetic.

As a rule, home feasts will last for hours, if not days – 2005 brought me a record 11 hour Pasquetta–   however, dining out is always an Easter option.  Since some restaurants may be closed for the holiday(s), it is imperative that you either research ahead or read Katie Parla‘s  Dining in Rome around Easter which nicely sums up not only what is open but what to eat.   Parla’s picks include:

  • Antico Arco: creative cuisine which draws inspiration from the ingredients and recipes of southern Italy. Expensive, but not excessively so. Open both Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. (Trastevere)
  • Da Danilo: Roman food with a hint of modernity. Da Danilo is home to one of my favorite carbonaras in the city. Be sure to specify a table upstairs. Open on Easter Sunday at lunch. (San Giovanni)
  • La Campana: Classic Roman cuisine in a familial setting. Open Easter Sunday at lunch and dinner. (Navona)
  • L’Asino d’Oro: Chef Lucio Sforza serves “Umbrian soul food” at moderate prices in Monti. Outdoor seating available. Open Easter Sunday for both lunch and dinner and Easter Monday at lunch only.  (Monti)
  • Roma Sparita: This restaurant and pizzeria with outdoor seating is famous for its cacio e pepe, served in a cheese basket. They also do excellent carciofi alla giudia and reliable Roma classics. Open Easter Sunday for lunch.  (Trastevere)

For those interested in a Little Easter park life, pick a basket from Gina before heading to Villa Borghese or prime a picnic at Vivi Bistrot in Villa Pamphilj.   In all cases, reserve in advance.

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