$5 Lunch in Savannah: Chicago Dog and Deli

Food — By spencerspellman on June 14, 2010 at 8:12 pm

Finding cheap eats is no easy task in Savannah. The waterfront southern city is known for its often high dining prices, which typically get higher, the closer you get to the waterfront at River Street. However, not only was I able to find a cheap lunch for less than $5, I was able to find it right on the Savannah waterfront on River Street.

The Savannah restaurant is called the Chicago Dog and Deli. Named as one of the best hot dogs in Iowa, the hot dog and deli joint has made its way to the south, with a couple of locations in Savannah, including the River Street location. It’s a new establishment with the first one opening in 2007, and a second opening shortly after because of Savannah locals’ request for another location.

Though its specialty is hot dogs, you’ll find a little bit of everything at this Savannah restaurant. Some of the different entrees include several different salads, chicken tenders, wings, burgers and a variety of different deli sandwiches. They have several Chicago style sandwiches like the Italian beef sandwich. Also, what’s popular in Chicago are tamales, which are just $.99 at the Chicago Dog and Deli.

My first $5 lunch recommendation at the Chicago Dog and Deli actually isn’t for one of their hot dogs, but is still for an entree that is uniquely Chicago. It’s the Pizza Puff, which features Italian sausage, marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese wrapped in a soft tortilla for only $3.50. Get a bag of chips or a Chicago tamale and you’re out for less than $5.

Of course you can’t visit the Chicago Dog and Deli restaurant in Savannah without having a hot dog. The restaurant features several different dogs, including bratwursts, polish sausage, jumbo dogs and your plain beef dog. To leave satisfied for under $5, you’ll have to go with the regular beef or Chicago dog, which is $2.50. Add an order of crisp, golden brown fries and you’re out for less than $5. Highly acclaimed among locals, not only is the Chicago Dog and Deli a good value, but also features great food.

[photo courtesy of Mark 2400]

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