Wet Markets of Singapore

Food — By mariannerogerson on February 28, 2012 at 5:28 am

For an authentic shopping experience away from the organised calm of the air-conditioned malls, head down to a local wet market to take in the sights and sounds of local Singapore.

Named because of the vast quantities of melting ice, and the constant washing-down of the fish and meat stalls, the wet markets house rows and rows of stalls hawking all manner of fruit and vegetables, spices and herbs, dried goods, seafood, meat and poultry. If you’re new to Asia they are good place to become acquainted with the local fruits, vegetables and seafood and pick up a few gems to inspire your cooking – or just to catch a glimpse into ‘authentic’ Singapore.


Fresh fruit at the Tekka Centre - photo: Marianne Rogerson

Two of the best wet markets for visitors to Singapore are the Tekka Centre in Little India and the basement of the Chinatown Complex. The Tekka Centre is one of the biggest and busiest wet markets in Singapore, has a large fish and seafood section and is the place to head to for cheap spices and freshly made curry pastes. The Chinatown Complex is where to look out more Chinese ingredients, including pigs trotters and live frogs and turtles!


Fresh seafood at the Chinatown Complex - photo: Marianne Rogerson

For the freshest of the fresh you’ll need to head down early in the morning, but try to avoid Mondays when many of the stalls are closed. And don’t wear your best shoes!

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