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The Loden is a Vancouver hotel star; the boutique hotel offers stellar service and the rooms will make you want to redecorate your home to emulate such style. Not to mention, Voya restaurant is located in the hotel and is well known for serving lip-smacking-good cocktails that will prep your mouth for something tasty.

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The Loden has style, they play host/hostess with the mostest when it comes to looking after their guests, the coolest concierge car (think British cab) in the city has the Loden’s name on it and they can throw a mean party – why wouldn’t you want to stay there? Vincenza (Events and Catering Co-Ordinator) and Stacey (Concierge) from the Loden have been kind enough to answer some questions on their top Vancouver picks.

1. How would you describe Vancouver to someone that has not been here before?
Vancouver is the perfect mix between metropolitan city and beautiful landscape.  The way the city was built makes everything from skiing to swimming to golfing accessible within 30 minutes.

2. Your guest is in town for the weekend, what are the top three things they should do to really get a good idea of what Vancouver is all about?
The top three things to see to say “I’ve been to Vancouver” are: a bike ride around Stanley Park and into English Bay; a ferry taxi ride across False Creek to visit Granville Island; and a stroll through either Gastown or Yaletown, depending on if your taste is modern or vintage.

3. Apart from Voya, where else would you suggest your guests go for dinner?
To suggest one restaurant is hard since Vancouver has an abundance of world-class cuisine, but a particular favorite that specializes on local ingredients and great quality is Raincity Grill – not to mention the fabulous view.

4. Favourite breakfast spot in the city?
Depending on what type of breakfast you want, for the classic greasy breakfast of pancakes and waffles and everything good you can head to the Elbow Room on Davie Street which also offers a very cheeky service, definitely some good entertainment.  If you wish to explore the more savory side of breakfast you should try Medina Café on Beatty (owned and operated by the same people as Chambar), they have very unique and extremely tasty dishes that will satisfy any appetite!

Taken from the Loden's website

5. The night is closing in, but that’s just when your dancing shoes come out – where should those shoes go to dance?
The newest hot spot in Vancouver is Club 560 which consists of three different dancefloors.  It is a converted record shop and is sure to shock some people, especially the bar within the bathroom. The music tends to be house/electro so if you like dancing this is your place to go!

6. Are there any hidden gems that we should know about and check out?
Depending on what kind of hidden gem you are looking for you can head to the University of British Columbia for some great views and beautiful beaches or to Main Street for some great shopping and foodie restaurants or Commercial Drive, again for shopping and restaurants.

7. Will Mercury Rising* be making a comeback this summer?
As for Mercury Rising – yes it will be making a comeback! The details are still in the works but expect the Thursday afternoon party to be banging as usual!

*Mercury Rising was a popular Thursday summer event that happened each Thursday inside the Penthouse Suite. The beautiful views and location attracted a fun crowd that thoroughly enjoyed the hot bbq bites and cold drinks. Did I mention there’s a DJ too? During the summer, Mercury Rising will be the perfect way to start off your weekend.


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