Vancouver’s International Airport Has More Than Just Terminals and Airport Bars

Travel Tips — By Natasha John on January 30, 2012 at 8:21 pm

Vancouver’s YVR airport has all the amenities that you look for in an international airport for an enjoyable experience. It’s got shopping, restaurants, lounges, mini-spas, book stores, free Wi-Fi and more importantly, some very beautiful art work and aquariums. In Vancouver, there’s an entire gallery that’s dedicated to Bill Reid’s artwork. Bill Reid is a well-known Aboriginal artist that has produced some monumental pieces that are iconic in Canada and around the world. There’s a large piece called ‘The Jade Canoe’ that sits in the International check-in area and you may notice it from Canada’s twenty dollar bills. This artwork is also known as The Spirit of Haida Gwaii and is actually made from bronze.

Photo Credit: Numinosity (by Gary J Wood) Flickr

The YVR Art Foundation is run by a group of volunteers that are passionate about showing Canada’s First Nations exquisite art to the world.

“Land, sea and sky,” are the roadways of travel, and these are the themes for the Vancouver Airport. Spectacularly represented in British Columbia’s landscape, they are also central themes in Northwest Coast Aboriginal art. Encompassing many nations, Northwest Coast Aboriginal peoples have lived in British Columbia for thousands of years and they represent one of the world’s oldest cultural groups.

– The YVR Art Foundation

Photo Credit: sirispj (Flickr)

Throughout the airport you will see a few Totem Poles, wood carvings, a vibrant and wonderfully carved canoe, and plenty of other works of art.

Photo Credit: Jeff McNeill (Flickr)

Photo Credit: FHKE (Flickr)

The next time you fly in or out of YVR, make sure to take a little time to enjoy these lovely pieces of art made by Canada’s Northwest Coast Aboriginals.

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