NileGuide Expert Says:

Best pozole verde in Los Cabos.


Melchor Ocampo e/Alikan
23410 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


(624) 128-2805

NileGuide Expert tip:

If you have cooking facilities, the fish next door at the pescaderia is as fresh as it gets.


This place is so local even most locals don't know about it. Chabelita shares building space with the local pescaderia (fish market), and has a low-key maritime decor. This is off the beaten tourist track, a good fifteen minute walk from the Malecon, and folks in this part of town don't speak English. However, the staff at Chabelita is very nice and if you lack rudimentary Spanish skills, just point at what you want on the menu and they will bring it. The food is cheap here. Tacos, tostadas, gorditas, flautas, and quesadillas are all 12 pesos each (1 USD, but bring the pesos), as are aguas frescas and jugo de naranja (orange juice). An order of enchiladas is 35 pesos. The food is also very good, and the pozole verde is magic. At 40 pesos, it is the most expensive thing on the menu, and it is worth every peso. It is comfort food of the highest order. Not only will it cure a hangover, but it will cure a broken heart, world-weariness, soul sickness, depression, or any other emotional maladies. In the US, they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. In San Lucas, try the pozole verde con pollo at Chabelita.


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