Gol Gamal Street, off Gam'at al-Dawal al-Arabiya Street


+20 (0)2 3305 7255


Deals in Mohandiseen is quite different to Deals in Zamalek. Sure, it has the same range of reasonably priced drinks and food (check out the Chinese – it's surprisingly good!) but the set-up is a bit different.

Whereas the Zamalek branch is a straightforward, somewhat cramped boozer, the Deals in Mohandiseen seems to aspire to being more of a club. The bar is larger than in Zamalek, and although it's still stuffed with tables, there is almost always ear-splitting dance music and pop blaring out the speakers, even if there is hardly anyone in the bar.

But if Deals does get crowded, which it often does at the weekend, the atmosphere is lively and fun, and the dance-floor next to the tables really starts to heat up. The clientèle is an interesting mix of Egyptians and tourists: a number of tour companies seem to have adopted Deals as their drinking den of choice, and it's not unusual to find quite big tour groups in there, having it large.

Deals also has a karaoke night once a week, which the regulars take very seriously. And, somewhat bizarrely, there's also a dartboard set off to one side (get your darts behind the bar).

Deals in Mohandiseen is the sort of place that you either love or hate, and is probably not worth checking out unless you are looking for something lively – yet not overwhelmingly big – at the weekend.


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