Pub 28

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Pub 28 is a justifiably popular, straightforward pub, which has a touch of class

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28 Shagarat El Dorr Street
Cairo, Egypt


20 2 735 9200

NileGuide Expert tip:

Arrive at Pub 28 early in the evening to be sure of a seat... or make friends with people already at a table


Walking into Pub 28 on Zamalek is like walking into a British local pub. The joint is heavy on the wooden panelling and arches, dimly lit by chunky iron lamps, and there is a large, well-stocked bar.

Although Pub 28 is quite big, it can get very crowded and smoky. The clientèle is a slightly older crowd of expats and Egyptians, although there a few trendy youngsters (both Egyptian and foreign) knocking about too. When it's busy, it's almost impossible to get a seat, and the hubub of conversation easily drowns out the generic pub pop coming from the speakers.

This is the sort of place where people come to eat, and then break out the cigars and the ice buckets. The food is actually very good, although there isn't much choice. The steak dishes are your best bet, though there are also daily specials.

While Pub 28 is hardly a high octane night out, it does have a good atmosphere. You'll even see couples chatting each other up in a non-sleazy manner! The service is efficient, though the staff can be rather unfriendly. Still, you can't have everything!


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