NileGuide Expert Says:

Shahrazad has a decent but seedy-feeling belly dancing show


Alfi Bey Street, off Midan 'Urabi
Cairo, Egypt

NileGuide Expert tip:

Be firm with the staff at Shahrazad - they are very baksheesh happy


Shahrazad belly dancing club is quite an experience! Many belly dancing shows in Egypt are very touristy, but this is a proper local joint. Shahrazad is a spacious club that looks like it was designed by Louis Farouk on a futuristic acid trip. Old school arabesque and thick red velvet drapes do battle with multi-coloured fairy lights, and luminous blue and yellow calligraphy. One of the walls is decorated with an almost biblical-looking frieze, dark and foreboding. Elsewhere, huge black and white pictures of famous belly dancers grace the walls, many with irreverent, glowing blue accessories such as sunglasses superimposed over them! The dancing girls are accompanied by male singers/comperes armed with a microphone fitted with waa-waa effect, who help whip the crowd up in to a frenzy. Shahrazad is reasonably welcoming and friendly, though it does feel a little sleazy. Women should make sure they take a male companion to help avoid unwanted attention. Alcohol and shisha are served, but watch out for the staff – they are very tip-hungry. If you want to see a belly dancing show that isn't a tourist trap, then Shahrazad is not a bad bet.


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