Agouza is a small, thin neighbourhood in Cairo that runs along the west bank of the Nile between the 6th October and 15th May bridges. It sort of merges in with Dokki to the south and Mohandiseen to the north, and is a similarly residential area, though is certainly less affluent than Mohandiseen.

There isn't much of interest in Agouza to the casual visitor, though there are a couple of spots worth knowing about. The Flying Fish restaurant on the Cornice is a cheap and cheerful place to get good seafood dishes, and has a really whacked out d├ęcor. Further up is Niema, which is traditional Egyptian street food at its best. They do some of the best shwarma in Cairo, and are usually rammed full of people at all times of day and night.

Still further north is Hotel Shahrazad, the British Council, and then the Balloon Theatre, which often has circus and dance acts, and still has lion and tiger tamers! The other main attraction in Agouza is the Cairo Jazz Club, on 26th July Street, just under the bridge.
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