Amoun Hotel, Midan Sphinx


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NileGuide Expert tip:

You get loads of complimentary salads and sides at Paxy's, so be careful not to over-order


Paxy's restaurant is situated in the Amoun Hotel in Mohandiseen. The restaurant is large and open, with loads of tables, some wooden screens, and a few oriental style floral paintings and ceramics. Although popular with Asian businessmen, it's a bit hit and miss as to how busy Paxy's will be. Don't take this as a bad reflection on the food though - it's great!

The menu at Paxy's is huge, with a wide range of Korean, Chinese and Japanese dishes. Other than sushi, which is conspicuous only by its absence, you can get all your classic Asian dishes, along with slightly more unusual stuff such as jellyfish and sea cucumber!

If you want to have a bit of fun, go for one of the table grills. The beef is particularly good - quality, tender meat that has already been chopped up for you. You just have to chuck it on the gas fired metal burner on your table, and cook however you like it. It also comes with mushrooms, onions and garlic.

If it's hot, try the Korean Iced Noodles. It's a slightly sweet, clear soup with loads of noodles, cucumber and spring onions, served partly frozen so it melts and cools you down loads.

All the meals at Paxy's come with lots of complimentary salads and side dishes that are typical of Korean cuisine. There is different types of kimchi, sweet soya beans, veggie tempura, cabbage, cucumber and other pickles, plus a selection of sauces. The sides are really good, many of them with a bit of a kick, and it's easy to fill yourself to stuffing so be warned! You will also get complimentary green tea and fruit to finish your meal.

The service at Paxy's is good, and the staff are very friendly. Alcohol is available, including traditional Korean rice wine. It's a little pricey, but well worth the visit if you are craving a taste of the Far East.

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