San Cipriano


Cali, Colombia


Just a couple of hours outside of Cali on the road to Buenaventura, alight at a town named Córdoba and let the adventure begin. With the very real fear that their town of San Cipriano would be completely forgotten once the industry that used the railway there became obsolete, locals came up with an ingenious transportation idea that in turn has become a tourist attraction. Using the old railway lines, local handymen have fastened motorcycles to pontoon-style wooden platforms complete with benches to accommodate passengers. Some refer to this cart as the "brujita". Pay a small fee and then feel as if you are being hurtled away into the jungles as the motorcycle will take the contraption to speeds of up to 45mph. Feel the wind push back you hair, wave to the locals as you pass solitary shops in even more solitary towns and then arrive in San Cipriano to bathe in the crystalline green waters of the river here. One thing to remember, these tracks are suited for one-way traffic only, the rule of right of way is given to the most heavily laden brujita cart, so take a friend or two.


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