Day of the Dead




For two days, each year, it is believed that the dead return to Earth and join the living for feasts and celebrations. On November 1st, Dia de Los Inocentes ("Day of the Innocents") is held, in which deceased children and infants are honored.  This day is also referred to as Dia de Los Angelitos ("Day of the Little Angels").  On November 2nd, deceased adults are honored. People build altars in their home where they place photos of their dead relatives, along with candies & other treats, as well as the favorite foods and beverages of of the deceased.  Throughout Cancun you can see the loving preparation for this "visit" in street parades, decorated cemeteries and homemade shrines, honoring those who have died. Day of the Dead celebrations are much grander in other parts of Mexico.  In Cancun, events are mainly held in the home, or in cemeteries. Enjoy the opportunity to view holiday traditions that date back thousands of years. Admission is free, and events are largely unscheduled.  Xcaret eco-park will holds it's 5th annual Festival of Life & Death from October 30th-November 2nd. 

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