Roots Rock Reggae


Moon Maung Soi 6
50200 Chiang Mai, Thailand




Roots Rock Reggae is one of the better live music bars in Chiang Mai, located in the backpacker bar area known locally as 'the soi'. A Chiang Mai institution for many years, Roots Rock plays host to a variety of local and international guests. The place has a popular following among both Thais and farang and really gets pumping at around 12pm most nights. The bar has a stable of mostly Thai musicians playing ska, reggae and rock covers. Look out for the occasional gem like Nok La Fiesta, a small Thai singer with a huge voice who, with full ensemble, can be heard belting out everything from Manu Chao to La Bamba. The bar has a great selection of cocktails or you can choose one of its SangSom buckets, popular with the farang crowd. Don't blame me if you end up dancing on the tables though, a common site on the weekends. Live music is from 9pm - 1.15am.


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