Bo Sang Umbrella Village


Charoen Muang Road (Road 1006)
9 kilometers out of town
50000 Chiang Mai, Thailand


+ 66 53 24 8604

NileGuide Expert tip:

Be sure to take clothing/bags/items with you that you want painted. The maximum cost to get anything painted is 50 baht and usually it takes the artist less then 5 min to paint a great dragon on your bag.


Bo Sang umbrella makers know how to make a beautiful umbrella, they should – they have been practicing the art form for more than two centuries. Bo Sang umbrellas are typically made with using Saa paper (from the bark of the mulberry tree), but can also been seen in silk and cotton. All the umbrellas are adorned with beautiful hand-painted northern Thai designs including landscapes, local flora and fauna. Already one of the most popular souvenirs with foreign and Thai tourists, Bo Sang umbrellas are made in a variety of sizes from giant parasol's to the tiny ones you see in your favorite cocktail. The third week of January is the best time to visit the Umbrella Village. This is the time when Bo Sang holds its yearly festival and the village is brightly decorated and illuminated by lanterns. A sneak peak into some of the wooden houses reveals hundreds of umbrellas hung from the rafters and roof beams. The Umbrella Factory in Chiang Mai is where you can go to see every stage of the process it takes to make a paper umbrella. The Umbrella Factory features a large gift shop with a good variety of local wares.


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