Logan Square & Humboldt Park

With more affordable rental prices and a rapidly growing foodie scene, Logan Square is giving plenty of trendsetters and hipsters reasons to move further west from Wicker Park and Bucktown. Locals head to Lula and Longman & Eagle for dinner out in the neighborhood. If you're making a stop in the area, be sure to check out the Revolution Brewery, one of the newest (and most delicious) additions to Chicago's bustling microbrew scene. For more nitty-gritty fun with cheap pitchers of macrobrewed light beer, hit the lanes at Fireside Bowl, a former punk rock club turned bowling alley.

Just south of Logan Square lies the Humboldt Park neighborhood, home to a large section of Chicago's rich Puerto Rican population. Each year, the park (it's one of the biggest in the city) hosts the annual Puerto Rican Festival and the Latin Jazz Festival. Recently, the park added a weekend of punk music to its schedule with Riot Fest.

When the sounds of music aren't coming from the park, the sounds of sports fill the air. The park includes a basketball court, baseball stadium, football field and a public swimming pool. In the summer, locals enjoy the Chicago Park District's "Movies in the Park" series.


Longman & Eagle

The Empty Bottle

Lottie's Pub

Logan Square Auditorium


Cano's Village Nightclub

Cole's Bar‎

The Burlington Bar

Gallery Cabaret

Rocking Horse (The)

Lula Cafe

Dunlays on the Square


Disco City Records

Crown Liquors

Acme Art Works

Dill Pickle Food Co-op


Orange Skin

Active Endeavors

Gallery Cabaret

Provenance Food and Wine

Walt Disney House


Lockdown Bar and Grill

Kuma's Corner


Dunlays on the Square

Kuma's Corner

Longman & Eagle

Lottie's Pub

Marcello's Father & Son

Telegraph Wine Bar


Coast Restaurant

Boulevard Cafe

Lula Cafe

CJ's Eatery

Big Tony's Pizza


The Flying Saucer

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