Ravenswood & Roscoe Village

With a combination of young professionals and families, Roscoe Village is a more subdued residential alternative to the streets of Wrigleyville and Lincoln Park. While there are plenty of bars and restaurants in the area, the noise level is noticeably lower. The neighborhood is always bustling with brunch-goers on weekends who can choose from Orange, John's Place and Kitsch'n for their mid-morning fuel. In the summer, the neighborhood packs in crowds for a range of street festivals including Roscoe Village Burger Fest and Retro on Roscoe.

Just north of Roscoe Village, Ravenswood's quiet streets feel more like a suburban hideaway than a big city. One of the most important people in Chicago takes advantage of the Ravenswood retreat, too: the mayor lives here. The neighborhood does spring to life in late September with the Ravenswood Art Walk, an opportunity for local artists to display their creative energy in the warehouses that line the train tracks on Ravenswood Avenue.

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