East of Cathedral Square

Many of these eastern suburbs are in an older part of town.  They have many parks and sports fields in including AMI Stadium (still known locally as Lancaster Park).  they also have some wonderful restaurants and Eastgate Shopping Centre is one of the biggest shopping areas on this side of town, and of course in this area are our beach suburbs centred around New Brighton with its long sweeping white sand beaches and pier. QE2 park, with its olympic -sized pools, water-slides and athletic tracks, is also east of the city- as is the Travis Wetland and a golf course.


Waterfront Cafe & Bar


Cashmere Stream

South Brighton Beach (Te Karoro Karoro)

Christchurch Pier (The)

Cave Rock Gallery

Southshore Spit (Te Karoro Karoro)

Travis Wetland

Woodham Park

Caddyshack City

Shalimar Knitwear

Nga Hau E Wha National Marae

Sign of the Bellbird

The Bone Dude's - Bone Carving Studio

Action Indoor Sports Centre

Christchurch Gondola Ride

Edmond's Factory Garden


Simply Catering

Oasis Restaurant & Bar

Waterfront Cafe & Bar


Hulverstone Lodge

Stonehurst Accommodation - BBH

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