Jhonny's Place


Costa Rica, Costa Rica

NileGuide Expert tip:

Take an early evening nap to save energy for dancing all night.


Jhonny's Place is one of the nightlife landmarks that helped put Puerto Viejo on the map as a party town, and since opening well over a decade ago, it remains the place to dance, drink, and revel in la pura vida after dark.  Depsite being located next to the local police station, Jhonny's gets going late- usually after 11pm, and is often the wildest place to party Caribbean style. The music is loud, usually reggae, reggaeton, and sometimes salsa or hip hop, the lights are thankfully dim, and the crowd is a mixed bag of ages and styles, but all are there to have a good time. The dancefloor opens to the beachfront, where plastic tables are set up for weary dancers to take a break, Jhonny's casual atmosphere and inviting vibes have made it a landmark in Puerto Viejo. It may not look like much, but that's because it's all about the music, dancing, and good vibes in a very casual space, where locals come to meet tourists and everybody gets the urge to dance. The bar serves local beers and mixed cocktails, free for ladies on some nights, and Thursdays and Saturdays are when it really goes off, but not before midnight- get there too early and you'll miss all the excitement.
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