Wachuma Reggae Bar


Calle Tecsecocha 451


Tucked away in a corner of the downtown clubbing district, you'll find Wachuma, Cusco's best reggae bar. This small and poorly lit haunt is appropriately named after a hallucinogenic cactus native to the Andean region of Peru. The vibe in Wachuma is mellow and relaxed; the walls are lined with cushioned benches and low tables, and the patrons are a motley and laid back crew. Wachuma is a perfect pit stop to relax and refuel in as you make your way between downtown Cusco's animated clubs. Be warned, however, that business hours are unpredictable, and one would do best to simply saunter by and see if the music is playing. If it is, you won't be disappointed by the live DJ sets of lesser known reggae tracks.

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