Templebar and environs


Temple Bar, while being a well-known tourist trap, is actually also one of the most vibrant and cultural parts of the city. While it contains the prerequisite buskers, street performers, loud Irish pubs and youth hostels it also has a myriad of galleries, theatres and original boutiques that combine vintage with high end shopping.


The Smock Alley Theatre, which looks onto the quays, is a beautiful venue that is being restored and improved from its original use as a theatre in the 1600's and is now one of the main players in Dublin theatre. The Temple Bar and Monster Truck galleries support contemporary art and the Temple Bar book, food and fashion markets provide something different to the usual commercial fare of the high street.


Alongside all this cultural goodness though you are sure to find a great party in Temple Bar with people of all ages and nationalities converging in the cobble streets to enjoy a pint and have a big night out. There's no shortage of restaurant or bar venues to begin and end your evening in either.


The Mezz


Dublin Castle

Traditional Irish Musical Pub Crawl

Temple Bar

The Ark: A Cultural Centre for Children


Zaytoon Restaurant


Bad Ass Cafe

Mongolian Barbeque (The)

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