Canny Mans

NileGuide Expert Says:

A must for those enthralled by vintage wines, whiskeys, brandies and more!


237 Morningside Road
Edinburgh, United Kingdom


0131 447 1484

NileGuide Expert tip:

Don't stand out like a tourist or you might be turned away!


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"It's hard to know how to describe the interior of this pub! From the outside it looks just as any other pub but, once inside, the amount of 'things' adorning the ceiling and walls is amazing. There is no theme here though there are quite a few clocks around. Hanging from the ceiling there are ships, chinese umbrellas, tools, oars and all kinds of bits and bobs that look like they have been collected over many years. Maybe it is because of the clutter that the place looks so comfortable and homely. There are many rooms along the passage way leading to the main bar with a large room to one side for eating. The bar itself has hundreds of different whiskies lined up behind it and sat on one side is a large iced champagne bucket with drink already chilled costing £4.95 a glass. Vintage wines are available as are a good selection of Brandies, Rums etc. Good quality cigars are displayed on the bar. It is a nice touch when drinks are handed over the bar on a wooden tray along with a small dish of nibbles! The menu is based on Scandinavian Smorrebrod and reads well and there is a huge choice. Outside is a good sized beer garden. This is one place to revisit a few times to fully take it all in and another visit is scheduled!"

The Independent's take:

"Ever since Norman Balon hung up his bar towel after 62 years at the helm of Soho's Coach and Horses, would-be Jeffrey Bernards have been looking for a new "rudest landlord in Britain". I don't know about landlords, but The Canny Man's is a sure contender for the title of Unfriendliest Pub. But the frosty reception and the air of menace are all part of the theatre of this unique little boozer.

The onslaught on your confidence starts outside, where a sign reads: "no mobiles, no credit cards, no backpackers, no cameras..." Inside, an intimidating maîtresse d' guards the door with no less fury than Cerberus guarding the gates of Hell. If you manage to understand the ordering system (hint: write some code on paper, don't for god's sake try to talk to the waitress), you're in. And it is worth it.

Inside, The Canny Man's is a haven. All polished glass and glittering tableware, the bar offers hundreds of whiskys lined up like jewels along its back wall. The music is "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered". A stopped clock makes you want to stay for hours. This is pub décor and some: alongside the traditional mandolins and dusty jeroboams pinned to the walls are military uniforms, paintings, swords, prams and a boat. Then you look up: a shop mannequin is skewered to the ceiling, dressed as a witch. Perhaps the poor girl made the mistake of bringing in her mobile phone."



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