North Fort Valley Road

From Fort Valley Road, you can reach an array of outdoor majesties from the San Francisco Peaks to juniper-lined Red Mountain. This route leads you to more hiking/skiing/biking locations that any other in the Flagstaff area, and it paves the way to the Grand Canyon. Lodges and restaurants are few and far between but nature, in the form of aspens, elk, deer, mountains, prairies and forests are in abundance.

Head toward the Grand Canyon and experience 80 miles of Mother Nature in many forms.  Just minutes outside of the city leads to all you need for a full day in the sun or the snow.  In warmer months, the breathtaking scenery alone will leave you in awe, but don't be afraid to get out of the car to hike, bike, explore or spelunk.  Winter invites you to play in the snow at Wing Mountain Snowplay Area, cross-country ski in pristine wilderness at the Nordic Center, or the downhill ski at the Arizona Snowbowl. 


Brandy's Restaurant

Pine Mountain Amphitheater

Coconino Center for the Arts and Art Barn


Star Tours with Dennis Young

Jay Lively Activity Center

Trinity Heights Church

Coconino Center for the Arts and Art Barn

Museum of Northern Arizona

Coconino National Forest

Arizona Pioneer Museum


Brandy's Restaurant


Conifer House Bed and Breakfast

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