SS. Apostoli(Santi Apostoli)

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"Piazza del Limbo refers to the cemetery under the piazza where babies were buried who weren't baptized."

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Piazza del Limbo
50123 Florence, Italy


+39 55 29 0642

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"SS. Apostoli really is amazing to be in when you want some solitude. Light a candle and enjoy the silence."


SS. Apostoli has much history dedicated to it.  Not many people know about this exquisite church located right next the Arno river in Piazza del Limbo.  Legend has it that there is a cemetery underneath the cobblestones where babies were buried.  They died before being baptized.  Hence the name of the piazza, Limbo.  Built in the 11th century, Santissimi Apostoli is one of the oldest churches in Florence.  The facade speaks to the Romanesque period and the main doors from the 14th century.  The Latin inscription to the left of the door expresses the founder of Santissimi Apostoli as Charlemagne in the year 800.  SS. Apostoli was severely damaged in the 1966 flood when the Arno river came over it's walls and flowed into the church.  Many of the frescoes were damaged beyond repair others are still being restored to this day.  It is a peaceful place and even being in the center of Florence, SS. Apostoli blocks out all the hustle and bustle of the city within it's walls.

Located in Piazza del Limbo, Open daily 10am-noon, 4-7pm


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