While the final ward, Higashi-ku, means "east ward" it is located more to the north of Hakata-ku. This area has many blue-collar residential districts and numerous schools, including Kyushu University. Travel north and you are eventually able to travel east along the peninsula around Hakata Bay. Much is located along this peninsula, including the countless attractions of Uminonaka-michi Seaside Park and the sights of Shikanoshima. Other locations of note are Hakozaki Shrine, easily the most famous in Fukuoka, and the Genkai National Park located in the eastern elevations that also mark the eastern limits of the city.  For travelers with kids, Space World, the largest and most popular amusement park in Fukuoka, and Marine World, a fantastic seaside aquarium, are both located in Higashi-ku.


UminoNakamichi Beer-kan (Beer Sea)



Gei-Hinkan French Restaurant



Hakozaki Shrine

Marine World

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park

Kyuka-mura Shikanoshima Beach


Kinin Koen (Gold Seal Park)


Gei-Hinkan French Restaurant

UminoNakamichi Beer-kan (Beer Sea)

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