Historical Center

It is easy to be enraptured by the maze of narrow streets in the historic centre. Genoa is a vertical city, where the sky can sometimes feel very close and give one a feeling of dizziness. Refined palaces are side by side with humble houses, which in the historic centre, are all close to the beautiful churches of the city, which have austere, black and white striped, marble facades or opulent, baroque architecture. Genoa has a secret beauty that can be found in its daring architecture, traces of splendid frescoes and imposing, noble palaces. Beginning in Strada Nuova, now known as Via Garibaldi, this is a visible sign of the historic period of the seventeenth century, when the great, Genovese families were at their richest. This is a unique street because of the urban planning that it has inspired and the number of palaces here and their beauty. Visitors can enter the internal gardens and see the frescoes in the great salons. Some of these buildings are now museums and are home to works of art by Genovese artist and the great, Flemish school, such as the (Galleria di Palazzo Bianco and the Galleria di Palazzo Rosso). A visit to the nearby National Gallery of Palazzo Spinola is also a chance to learn about the habits and furnishings of Genovese homes of the period.


Auditorium Eugenio Montale
Garibaldi Café
Teatro Fellini
Nouvelle Vague
La Bottega del conte
Caffè Letterario delle Erbe
Mattoni Rossi
La Lepre
Matilda Caffè
Palazzo Ducale
La Madeleine Cafè
Blu di Ravecca


Via Roma
Chiesa di S.M. Maddalena
Palazzo Ducale
Museo Diocesano
Torre Grimaldina (La)
Museo di Sant´Agostino
Agenzia Regionale per la Promozione Turistica in Liguria
Chiesa di S.Matteo
Oratorio di S.Giacomo della Marina
Piazza Fossatello
Civico Museo Biblioteca dell'attore
Palazzi dei Rolli
Museo Civico Di Storia Naturale
Compagnia Unica
Libreria Bozzi s.a.s.
Via San Vincenzo
Piazza S.Matteo
Museo del Risorgimento e Istituto Mazziniano


Trattoria Archivolto Mongiardino
Caffè Letterario delle Erbe
Il Trattato
Matilda Caffè
La Lepre


Hotel Brignole
Ostello della Gioventù
Hotel Assarotti

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