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  • Boise's nickname is the City of Trees. It might as well be City of Parks. Running along the Boise River through our city are a number of delightful parks, each with its own special vibe.

    Right downtown, we have the crown jewels: Julia Davis Park, Ann Morrison Park, and Kathryn Albertson Park. Julia Davis has Zoo Boise, the Idaho Historical Museum, Black History Museum, and Boise Art Museum. Plus there's a beautiful rose garden, paddle boat rides, tennis courts, and horseshoe pits. It's the perfect place for a big family picnic. Ann Morrison Park is the soccer field center for Saturday soccer for the little ones. The big gorgeous fountain is the centerpiece of the park. A disc golf course is popular and in use almost all the time. And there's a pond where the ducks and geese beckon to be fed. Kathryn Albertson Park is a quiet secluded park where trails wind around lush plant life and wildlife. All three of these parks are connected by the Boise River Greenbelt.

    Just east of the downtown core you'll find Municipal Park, where the picnicking is an extreme sport. Spring and summer weekends will find the place packed with barbecuing fanatics. There are some reservable shelters.And the MK Nature Center is right over the hedge row. Also the Boise River Greenbelt.

    For a more "away from the city" type of park, head out to Barber Park, located on the Boise River east of the city. This is a popular spot for summer river rafters and tube riders to launch for a refreshing float. Or west of the city, downriver, is Eagle Island State Park, a huge park in the middle of the Boise River with lots to do, including a developed water slide.

    If we venture away from the river, parks are everywhere. One of the city's most popular parks is Camel's Back Park, near the foothills. Kids play on the playground, groups have picnics, and dog walkers are plentiful. A beach volleyball court and tennis courts draw the kids away from their video games. Right behind the park is a system of trails known as Hulls Gulch, where you can hike or mountain bike.

    Also backed up against the foothills in the northeast end of Boise is the Idaho Botanical Garden. A variety of themed gardens demonstrate native and water thrifty plants as well as other favorites. It's a great place to roam and explore, have a picnic, or take off on a foothills hike.

    To the west of Boise, near Nampa and Caldwell is the very popular Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge. It's a big place that has a terrific visitor center and is the perfect place to teach kids about preservation.

    To the east, near Twin Falls, is Shoshone Falls. Not only do you have a spectacular water fall system, you also have a lush green park where picnicking is practically a sport.

    Julia Davis Park

    700 South Capitol Boulevard

    A Park Packed With Activities... read more

    Ann Morrison Park

    1000 South Americana Boulevard

    Largest Park in Boise... read more

    Kathryn Albertson Park

    1104 Royal Boulevard

    Attention Nature-Walkers... read more

    expert pick

    Idaho Botanical Garden

    2355 Old Penitentiary Road

    Eleven Themed Gardens... read more

    Barber Park

    4049 South Eckert Road

    Wildlife Vewing and River Rafting... read more

    expert pick

    Camel's Back Park

    1200 West Heron Street

    A Park With a Hike... read more

    Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge

    13751 Upper Embankment Road

    11,000 Acres for Bird Lovers... read more

    Eagle Island State Park

    4000 West Hatchery Road

    All Day Fun... read more

    Municipal Park

    500 South Walnut Street

    Party-Loving Park... read more

    Shoshone Falls

    Niagara of the West... read more
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