Adalar -called islands in English- refer to the archipelago of six Princess Islands in the Marmara Sea. With beautiful summer houses, little cafes and their unique carriages -no cars are allowed on the islands-, the islands are like a city of their own. Not long ago, in the 1950s and 60s, well-to-do Istanbulite families owned summer houses here (mostly Büyükada) and there was the tradition to close down their "winter houses" and move in onto the islands for the summer. Summers on the islands would comprise long nights under the moonshine, swimming and biking all day long, eating ice cream from the local "ice cream Uncle"; and commuting with the ferry to the city for the working population. There are many families, who still follow the tradition. Some islands are predominantly occupied by the religious minorities. For instance both Burgaz Ada and Büyükada are often occupied by the Jewish community of Istanbul. That does not mean, however, that it is the minorities only, who reside on the islands. On both islands and many others, different ethnic and religious groups live together and be neighborly and friendly to one and other like in the old times. Büyükada is great for touristic getaways as there are more opportunities to enjoy oneself without having the need for a resident friend. For example, one may rent a bike or a carriage and do a big or small tour around the island. Later on, near sunset, it would be lovely to climb up the Aya Yorgi hill for a glass of wine or beer. There are also more hotels on the Büyükada for nightovers. Burgaz Ada is more reserved, yet the opportunities for tourists also excel here. One is able to walk from one end of the island (the port) to the other (Kalpazankaya) and watch the sunset here. There are also nice fish restaurants and cafes to have a decent lunch. Smaller and perhaps one of the most reserved, also the farthest away, is the island of Sedef. This island has less and less oppurtunities for tourists and daily visitors. Yet, Port Sedef -a restaurant that has recently become very trendy- makes a visit to the Sedef island worth the trouble of getting in and around. For those who may not want to take the regular boat to the island, Restaurant Port Sedef also offers transfers by boat to and from the Büyükada. Other islands are the Heybeli, Kınalı and the smalles island -the Kaşık.




Adalar İlçe Halk Kütüphanesi

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