Commercial district of İstanbul, with a pace and life of its own. Ferries, buses and minibuses all connect in Beşiktaş and allow transfers to be made for different parts of Istanbul. It is also the first stop of the ferries going up the Bosphorus. Beşiktaş gets its name from a monk called Yashka, who built here a great church and brought from Jerusalem the stone on which Christ was first washed -the "cradle-stone, which is what Beşiktaş means in English. Walking across from the port into Ortabahçe Street to the behind of Sinanpaşa Mosque, these back streets are always crowded with street sellers of clothes, bags (some fakes and some oriental ones), accesories and street food. Also in these back streets is a small fish market surrounded by fish restaurants. Apart from fish, meatballs of Şöhret Restaurant are also legendary. In one of the streets running parallel to the Şöhret Restaurant is the Kırkambar Spice Market (full address: Köyiçi Kazan Sokak Gürün Pasajı). Here, one may find anything from healthy sugar subsitutes to soy beans, green tea and various herbal oils and spices. There are also commercial passages, which may be worth a look for those interested in movies, computers and computer games. The upper floor of the Sinanpaşa Passage is swarmed by stores selling DVDs and computer related items. Beşiktaş is also important historically. The famous palace where Atatürk has lived during his late days and where now the government offices reside is also here -the Dolmabahçe Palace. The Dolmabahçe Palace has no significant architectural importance as it has been built much later than the Topkapı Palace or any of the other palaces in Istanbul. However, much of the decorative items inside the Palace are expensive and lavish pieces that may attract visitors. There are also several other points of interests associated with the ancient Ottoman Fleet and some of the famous admirals. The türbe of Hayrettin Pasha -work of Mimar Sinan is one. Next to the port is the Naval Museum, which is another example. Prominent hotels nearby include: Çırağan Palace Kempinski, Conrad Hotel and Swiss Hotel. Across from Çırağan Palace is the Park Yıldız, a nice place for walks, to relax in nature and have coffee or tea at Malta Mansion.


Is Sanat Kültür Merkezi

Hemera Restaurant

Beşiktaş Cola Turka Arena

Q Jazz Club

Garden 74 Meyhane

Rock House Cafe

W Kitchen Bar & Lounge

Garden 74

Beşiktaş Kültür Merkezi

Summit Terrace

Airport Club

Al Jamal Badawi

Vogue (Le)



Swissotel Education Center

Abdül Antik

Conrad International Pool


Naval Museum Art Gallery (Deniz Müzesi Sanat Galerisi)

Dolmabahçe Palace

Yildiz Palace and Park (Yildiz Sarayi ve Parki)

Yıldız Sarayı

44A Sanat Galerisi

Af Art Gallery

BJK İnonu Stadium

Beşiktaş Cola Turka Arena

Beşiktaş Kültür Merkezi

Besiktas Hamami

Iznik Foundation


Barbaros Park

Linden Pavilion (Ihlamur Kasri)

Arnavutköy Art Gallery



Vogue (Le)

Hemera Restaurant

Spice Market

Meshur Besiktas Koftecisi Recep Baba

Rock House Cafe


Q Jazz Club



Monet Restaurant

Sıdıka Cafe

Tarihi Besiktas Lokantasi


Ulus 29

Laledan Fish Restaurant


Çiragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul

Swissôtel The Bosphorus

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