Business district filled with plazas and skyscapers, located on the hills of Yeniköy and İstinye. The İstinye Park Shopping Mall has been recently opened and has brought a new spirit to the area. The metro line has also been recently connected to this area, facillitating access and easing out the rush hour traffic. The Sheraton Hotel is also here, providing accommodation for business visitors. The largest of the many campuses of the Istanbul Technical University is also located here in Maslak, very close to the one of the best horse riding clubs in the city.


Beymen Bej

Istanbul Arena


Culinary Arts Academy

Proje 4L/Elgiz Çağdaş Sanat Müzesi (Project 4L/Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art )


Gunaydin Steakhouse

Gunaydin Steakhouse

Burger Bar

Okulun Mutfagi

Mezzaluna Istinye Park


Sheraton Istanbul Maslak Hotel

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