Ortaköy is located very near the center of Beşiktaş. In fact it is only a couple of minutes away by walking. Ortaköy starts officially as one passes the Galatasaray University -a very nice and big mansion-like building next to the sea, the beauty of which only its students and faculty can enjoy... Next to the University is the very nice Feriye Restaurant that features world cuisine. Walking further along the road, one arrives at the small and rocky paths that lead to the center of Ortaköy. Making a turn to the right either at or after the Radisson Hotel, one arrives truly to the most eccentric and nostalgic center of Ortaköy. Going through these centric streets is always fun, looking at the street sellers and buying stuff is more fun. On weekends, there is big open bazaar that sells everything from ethnic bags and clothes to accessories. After walking around, a rest by the coast is advised, but be advised the 'hunter' cafes that line up along the coast are usually too expensive. Restaurants inside the back streets that do home-made Turkish ravioli and Turkish appetizers are nicer and more cozy. Also, nice is the House Cafe, which can also be visited late in the evening for drinks at the bar. Right next to the House Cafe is the night club Anjelique and Restaurant Zuma.


Portaxe Shine

R.Sahin Kokturk Sports Hall




Sakip Sabanci Museum

The House Cafe - Ortaköy

Istanbul Jazz Club

RC Bar

Marmara Esma Sultan (The )


Ortaköy Afife Jale Sahnesi

Broadway Diner

Tiyatro Maan Performans Sahnesi

Hayal Kahvesi Çubuklu


Laveda Spa at The Ritz-Carlton

R.Sahin Kokturk Sports Hall


Broadway Diner


RC Bar

A La Turka



Addio Mamma

Hayal Kahvesi Çubuklu

Cafe Caydanlik

Çintemani Restaurant

Cafe Des Theatres


Banyan Ortakoy

The House Cafe

Doga Balik


Kiz Kulesi Restaurant

Club 29

Ortakoy Kumpir Houses

Cinaralti Cafe & Restaurant

Cafe First Class

Ortakoy Manti Evi


La Maison Hotel

Radisson Blu Bosphorus Hotel


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