Outside the city

Outside the city is a large concept. The airports are outside the city, as well as the suburban residential neighbourhoods like Kemer Country, Göktürk, Demirciköy, Kilyos and Zekeriyaköy. Summer residential areas such as Silivri, Çatalca and Polonezköy are also like parts of Istanbul, yet also outside of Istanbul. Many of these places are 45 minutes or an hour away from Taksim with car (when you live in Istanbul 45 minutes in traffic feels regular), yet their establishment and characteristics make them feel different. They are often less chaotic and more natural than the city itself. There are two airports in Istanbul. Atatürk Airport in Yeşilköy is not totally out of the city, as there are many many businesses and people living in the surrounding areas called Fulya, Yeşilyurt and Ataköy. However, these places are among the least touristic. The other airport, Sabiha Gökçen, is on the Asian side. It is a much smaller airport -meant for charter flights. It is situated also on the borders of the city in an area where there are some outlet malls. The suburban residential areas such as Demirciköy, Zekeriyaköy etc. were once totally outside the city, but as the city continues to grow, these suburbs feel closer as well. Zekeriyaköy is one of the first suburban neighborhoods built and today it is a major complex with its supermarket, pool, cafes and bars. Other suburban neighborhoods are not very different from this concept. The Belgrad Forest is very near both Zekeriyaköy and Kilyos. It has a very nice jogging and trekking area for anyone with time and interest. For activities outside the city, there are many tours which can be contacted. These tours arrange for the interested parties trecking, rafting, climbing and even camping opportunities.


Beykent Üniversitesi Ayazağa Yerleşkesi Konferans

Kumburgaz Arena


Kerem Görsev Jazz Bar



Time Out Bowling Centre



Gedikpasa Hamam

Adalar (Princes' Islands)

Hidiv Pavilion

DSM Doga

Istanbul Riding Club

International Istanbul Ready-to-Wear Fair

Suleymaniye Bath

Ataturk Olympic Stadium

Bahçesehir Atli Spor Kulübü

Chora Church (Kariye Müzesi)

ViaPort AVM

TEM Otoyolu

Kemer Country Golf Club

Galeri Suav

Galleria Ice Skating

Beylicium Shopping Center and Life (Beylicium Alışveriş Merkezi)

Ahmet Comert Spor Salonu


Ali Baba

Filizler Köfteci

Long Table

Chinese Unlimited


Köfteci Cemo



Kerem Görsev Jazz Bar

Dixie Station


Kerem Görsev Jazz Bar


Boðaziçi Borsa

Cafe du Levant (Rahmi M Koç Museum)

Great Hong Kong




Radisson SAS Conference & Airport Hotel

Tranquilla River Lodge

Gizemli Nehir Hotel

Antik Hotel

Romance Hotel

Kent Hotel

Avlonya Hotel

Barcelo Saray

Orient Express Hotel

Grand Tahir Hotel

Hotel Yasmak Sultan

Kemer Country Koru Houses


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