Misina Balık Retaurant


Dr. Faruk Ayanoğlu Cad. Çamlık Apt. No: 34/1 Fenerbahce Mh.
Istanbul, Turkey


0(216) 550 02 58 - 59


Misina Balik is a lovely fish restaurant on the Asian side of Istanbul. The restaurant owners and managers are all highly experienced individuals with over 20 years of experience and learning in the business. Misina Balik lacks the view of the Bosphorus that many tend to expect from fish restaurants, however it makes up for this lack with the delicious food it serves and good service it offers.

Must-have items off the menu include the meze... In fact, spare a few hours for Misina Balik so that you can eat both a lot of meze, digest and then eat fresh fish. Everything is prepared daily and thus tends to change, however, if you run across grilled sole fish, do not let go of it.


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