Anadolu Kavağı

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Anadolu Kavağı
Istanbul, Turkey

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When visiting Hz.Yuşa's Tomb, it is obligatory to wear a headscarf out of courtesy to the deceased.


Anadolu Kavağı is located where the Bosphorus meets the Black Sea and can be reached both by bus -or car- and ferry. The main attractive feature of Anadolu Kavağı is the serenity that it offers when compared to the daily hectic business life of Istanbul. For this reason, it is very much preferred by the locals as well as tourists for daily getaways. As one arrives in Anadolu Kavağı, it becomes immediately evident that this is a small fishermen's village with lots of fish restaurants by the coast line. The restaurants have gotten touristic enough to charge above average prices, but the amount paid is worth the view. Anadolu Kavağı also offers historical passages through time for those willing to climb a little uphill. Yoros Castle or Citadel is 500 meters long founded on area of 60 to 130 meters. The Castle has Byzantine origin, but has come to be known as the Genoese Citadel since the Geneose had captured the Citadel when the Byzantine Empire came close to its collapse. The Citadel changed hands a lot of times during the history. Hz. Yuşa's Tomb is another point of attraction close to Anadolu Kavağı. Hz. Yuşa is a caliph and also the nephew of Moses. Locals visit the Hz. Yuşa's Tomb to pray very frequently.


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