Asmalimescit Sokak & Sishane District

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Hip bar street

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Asmalı Mescit Beyoğlu

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Very crowded indeed


Given its popularity among the Turkish night-outers and bar hoppers, Asmali Mescit -called simply 'Asmali' by the locals, deserves a special reference under the "Things to do" section. In which case, we need also to answer, "what to do" at Asmali. Asmali Mescit is an inner street between the more common Istiklal Caddesi and the Mesrutiyet Caddesi. It used to be a simple artisan street with a few taverns, butcher shops and markets lining side by side. Now, it is a lively bar street with a new bar popping up even in the most incomprehensible, small corners. As such, Asmali has also come to refer to general mode of going out and to a compilation of various streets -not just the Asmali itself. Otto Sofyali on the Sofyali Street with the original Otto lying further down towards the Tunel area on Sehbender Street, Groove, Novo, Corner, Parantez, House Cafe Tunel and too many other bars -none of which deserve any special reference or attention, since all are almost the same- crowd these parallel and crossing streets of the Tunel and Asmali Mescit area. At the Pera end of this district are the Turkish taverns including the gourmet Asmali Cavit and Gurme Boncuk. A night out at the Asmali usually means a slow meal at a tavern, followed by too many drinks to be taken out on the street, whilst bumping into an old friend or two.


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