Caferaga Medresesi


Caferiye Sokak Soğukkuyu Çıkmazı 1
Caferiye Sok., Sogukkuyu Çikmazi 1 (next to the Ottoman Hotel), Sultanahmet
Istanbul, Turkey




Caferaga Medresesi (School) was founded by Mimar Sinan in 1559. The Turk Kulturune Hizmet Vakfi (Foundation of Services to the Turkish Culture) reestablished the Medrese into a recreational area for tourists and residents. The Medrese still has 15 small rooms -once classrooms, now exhibition rooms- inside which arts of ceramic and miniature are being exhibited and sold. There is also a nice open courtyard, where typical Turkish home-cooked meals can be tasted and coffee and tea can be drinken. There are also snacks such as toasts, burgers and homebaked cookies. A nice area for relaxing during a day full of sightseeing. 


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