Chef's Istanbul


İstiklal Cad. Mim Han No:55 Kat:6 (Next to Megavizyon and over Istiklal Bookstore), Beyoglu
Istanbul, Turkey


0212-244 76 92-93 GSM: 0533 383 79 77


Chef's Istanbul opened its doors in  2004 with two primary aims: to teach the curious how to cook –the technical aims- and to allow the interested people a space where they can get rid off their stress through doing something they like to do –the leisure aim. They started with offering workshops mostly, but soon, in less than a year, they launched professional and regular courses as well.
Chef's Istanbul is pretty self-confident with its business. They claim that an initial training of appr. 3 hours would help anyone shed away their initial fears for cooking. The primary goal in the begining is to appreciate the ingredients. "A delicious meal is one that is cooked with the right material." Therefore shopping for food is an important aspect that is often overlooked. Chef's Istanbul will focus on a well-rounded cooking experience in these primary courses.
The range of amateur and regular courses vary from Turkish meze to bread and to sushi. Just go online and click on the next available date...

That they are located around the Istiklal Street is a plus. You will not have to get out of your way to learn to cook delicious dishes.

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