Dogan Apartment


Serdar-i Ekrem Caddesi, Galata, Beyoglu
Istanbul, Turkey


The Dogan Apartment is no where near the Topkapi Palace and should not be near that on your itinerary. However, if you are interested in stories, as well history, and if you want to see a nostalgic side of Istanbul, you shall go and stand the Dogan Apartment.

It is a residential building, therefore you are unlikely to be able to walk in unless you have a friend living in there. The apartment was built in 1895 in an Italian architectural style. The name "Dogan" (Doğan as written in Turkish) has been given after the owner's son Doğan Kardeş, who apparently died untimely in a ski accident in Switzerland. The owner (Kazım Taşkent) put on sale 51 flats and 2 stores at the time.

In 2001, the entire building went through renovation and today after the renovation and with its new residents (who are mostly photographers, architects, big - time construction owners), Doğan Apartment is boosting lots of self-confidence and luxury.


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