Fenerbahçe Park


Fenerbahçe Park
Istanbul, Turkey


This is a lovely park in a bustling neighborhood on the Anatolian side. On one edge of the park there is a fascinating and panoramic view of the city and the Bosphorus. On the southeast one can see the Princes' Islands and old Istanbul; and to the west is the historic center Sultanahmet, Topkapı Palace and Haghia Sophia. The Park is often populated with young lovers, amateur artists and poets. Many people seeking respite come here and sit a bank idly, chewing on a sandwich or a bagel they brought with themselves. Sundays when the weather is nice, picnicers crowd the park.

An alternative to picnicking or hanging around on in the gardens or on the banks is to go to one of the cafes inside the park. There are two: Touring Cafe (best for a snack) or Cafe Romantica. The latter offers a peaceful and romantic respite inside the greenery.

The garden of Cafe Romantica extends until the sea-side and the view during the sunset with the Sun and the Minarets is overwhelming. There are piano sessions during tea-time hours during some days at Cafe Romantica as well.


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