Galatasaray Hamam


Junction of Turnacıbaşı and Capanoglu Streets No:24 Galatasaray
Istanbul, Turkey


90 212 252 4242


The Galatasary Hamam was built in 1715 as a public bath, yet it was actually exclusively for men. In 1965 the hamam underwent renovation and a new separate quarter for women was added to the establishment. During the renovation process, much has been kept intact and the main structure has not been altered radically, but architectural details were added. Galatasaray Hamam diverges from the mainstream public baths due to some of these architectural details and its more elitist atmosphere. One major feature here are the marble slabs where bathers can be massaged in semi-privacy rather than on the heated central navel stone. As such, the admission price tends to soar higher above regular bath prices as well. In Euros: 26 for a bath, 35 with a kese (scrubbing the body), 38 with foam massage, 44 for both kese and massage, and 57 for the 'Pasha' treatment – oil massage. Beverages are free and further tips to the keseci (massager) will guarantee further services and better treatment. Visitors to Galatasaray Hamam often complain that they are being ripped off inside by the increasing number of services and additional fees asked for each. But, if you discuss your options and prices before going on, you would now what to expect and not be disillusioned. After all think of hamam as an old-day spa, it was and is not for free.


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