Gezici YAK


Recep Pasa Caddesi 14/10 Taksim
34437 Istanbul, Turkey


90 212 238 5107


GeziYAK is a tour operator, which has established its existence on the following philosophy: Travelling is living. As such, the tour organizes a variety of different tours with different purposes and themes into different parts of Istanbul, Turkey and the greater world. The main focus of most tours is connecting deeper with nature. Thus, most tours include a bit of trekking and walking around; such as rafting and trekking trips to Köprüçay and Antalya, the Taurus Rangers region on the Mediterranean, as well as skin and scuba diving expeditions to Saros and Çanakkale. Nevertheless, there are also gastronomic tours, such as discovering authetic tastes in the old center of Istanbul; daily culture-oriented tours in Istanbul, aiming at finding more about niche activities of the city's artisans and its culture; ski trips to almost all of the ski resorts in Turkey; and a variety of thematic tours such as Valentine Day's tours.


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