Horse backed carriage rides


Princes' Islands
Istanbul, Turkey


Okay it smells a little bit; but the horse-backed carriage rides are a lot fun when on the islands. First of all it is much faster to get to where you want to get to -remember you cannot drive cars on islands... Second, it is also quite romantic. The sound of horse feed on the ground as they tick is quite peaceful, it is as if you are meditating. Prices vary, but expect pay at least 6 TRY. Apart from using horse-backed carriages as a form of transportation, it is also possible to do a long or a short guided sightseeing tour around the islands with one. The short tour costs around 40TRY and the long one 50TRY. Nonetheless, locals usually tend to find these prices pumped up for the season, and prefer to walk rather than take the fayton. There has long been a debate over whether fayton drivers should change how much the charge for a ride and look after the horses and the cars better. As of now, the drivers try to take advantage of the short season by charging more.

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