Kemer Country Golf Club

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Kemer Country, Kemerburgaz
34077 Istanbul, Turkey


+90 212 239 70 10


Kemer Country is a concept, not exactly a place. In other words, it is a place, outside the city, in Kemerburgaz; but it is a conceptual place as its initiation in the mid 1990s, created a phenomenon. Kemer Country was one of the first richest and most elegant suburban residential areas in Istanbul. As such it needed a horseback riding club and a golf course. Thus came about this Golf Club.

Of course the story line is not that simple and today Kemer Country is no longer just the richest gentlemen's club type of place. It still is phenomenal, but since Kemerburgaz 'tself has expanded around the Kemer Country, budget residences and apartment buildings have also been built.

The Golf Club started out as a horseback riding club in 1994. In 1995, the Golf Club was officially launched. That was followed by a Tennis Club on the same premises, a boutique hotel, sailing club, basketball club, swimming pools etc. It thus became a wellness area with all sorts of sports and wellbeing activities embedded inside. Once every year, the Chill Out Festival is also hosted here.

There are a variety of workshops hosted on the premises for both children and adults. A separate kids' area is meant to give parents peace of mind as they mind their own sportive activities.

Concerts are also hosted here. Dany Brilliant gave a concert in open air in year 2000, was followed by open air movie theaters.

All in all, Kemer Country Golf Club is an all in all place with everything that the modern age dictates as needed. Whether it is pilates this year, power something the other...


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