Radikal Tur


Halitağa cad.Bayramyeri Sok. Aliyehanim İş Hanı No:1/17
Istanbul, Turkey


+90 216 442 57 52 / +90 216 330 18 18


Radikal Tur (Tour) is one of the many tour operators, organizing tours to a variety of ski resorts. The least distant places to go for skiing in Istanbul are: Kartepe (appr. 100 km), Kartalkaya in Bolu (appr. 280 km) and Uludag in Bursa (appr. 290 km). Radikal Tur offers a variety of ski trip packages, from daily trips (departure at around 4.00 AM. in the morning, returning back into the city at midnight) to weekend packages for 1,2 and 3 night stays. The tour also takes care of your transportation to and from the mountains.
Apart from ski trips to the mountains mentioned here, the tour also organizes trips abroad to Bulgaria and more distant ski resorts in Turkey such as Ilgaz and Palandoken.

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