Nowa Huta

In 1949, the new Communist rulers of Poland decided that the country needed to be industrialized. Kraków, as a seat of intellectual power with a long history of rebellion and dissent, was seen as a distinct threat. A huge industrial and workers residential complex was built just outside the city. A massive metallurgical plant was constructed which immediately began spewing a toxic blend of dirt and pollutants. The monuments, churches, buildings and streets of Kraków were soon affected and began to decay. Today, much has been done to alleviate this problem and the air is getting cleaner. While Nowa Huta is the city's newest district, it is also the most densely populated. It is well-known for its sprawling size and typical Socialist architecture. However, it does have several redeeming features: it is more open and spacious than the city's other districts, it is close to several forests and parks and it contains two picturesque artificial lakes. Some of the architecture here is also noteworthy.


Restauracja Jubilatka
Kombinator Klub
Wysoki Połysk
Targi Exhibition Centre


Restauracja Jubilatka

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