Villa Danieli


Jalan Sultan Ismail
Sheraton Imperial
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


+60 3 2717 9922


You can easily forget that this restaurant is part of the Sheraton Imperial Hotel–the restaurant's location by the hotel's pool adds to the pleasure of eating in this friendly Italian restaurant. Familiar rustic staples such as roasted eggplant, seafood, grilled beef, pastas, pizzas and desserts like almond parfait appear on the menu. Villa Danieli offers a warm and comfortable ambiance with large murals and medieval torches. In general, it's a great recipe of wholesome, hearty food, a fine selection of wines and knowledgeable staff. However, with so many other Italian restaurants in the city, Villa Danieli will have to compete hard to maintain its position as one of the city's best. Steep prices and inconsistency (in food and service) may hurt its reputation.


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