National Art Gallery (The)

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2 Jalan Temerloh
Off Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


+60 3 4025 4990


Sitting right next door to the Istana Budaya, the National Art Gallery complements the national music hall through its Malay architectural features. The National Art Gallery's traditional architectural elements intermingle with modern lines to create a space considered as one of the more modern art venues in the region. Inside, you'll find its expansive and contemporary interiors housing more than 3000 works of art. Explore the three floors of space with its many enclaves of art space. The National Art Gallery brings to the forefront new contemporary local and foreign artists but more importantly it charts the history of Malaysian art by displaying the works of some of the country's most influential artists as well as the works of founding members of the local art community. Be sure when visiting the gallery, to watch out for artists such as Yusof Ghani, Ibrahim Hussein and Ahmad Zaki Anwar. The gallery has a new curator whom we hope will help to reestablish the national gallery as one of the city's prominent art galleries, and a space to educate, inform and promote local artists.


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