CSI: The Experience

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3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South
MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV 89109


702.891.7006 or 877.660.0660

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No photos are allowed in the exhibit/experience.


Since the original "CSI" was inspired by a crime lab in Las Vegas, it's appropriate that CSI: The Exhibit has an outpost on the Vegas Strip. Three crime scenes are set up so guests can solve a case using forensic technology. It's intended for ages 12 and up, so the gore is minimal and the cases are easy to crack.

Three murders are stocked with clues and evidence that the show's fans will recognize: tire tracks, fingerprints, toxicology, and so on. Unless the exhibit is too crowded, guests can pick the murder they want to solve. People go through in staggered groups to gather and analyze the clues. At the end, you see if your conclusion about who did it is right. The experience takes 30 to 60 minutes.

Super-sleuths may feel the scenarios are too simplistic. Kids will probably enjoy this, along with people who have a keen interest in forensics. While exploring the same technology that fuels the show—and using the actors that made it popular— CSI: The Exhibit isn't a re-creation of the series. If you're hoping for something really bloody and realistic, you'll be disappointed. The exhibit's interactive website gives potential visitors an idea about what they'll see at the experience.

Ticket prices for CSI are $30. Look for discounts online, at ticket discounters, or in package promotions from the MGM.


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