Chez Xu

NileGuide Expert Says:

The beef noodle soup is excellent served with fresh herbs. The portion was so generous that I couldn't finish it. The steamed dumplings are also very good and very Chinese.

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rue du Tunnel 10
1005 Lausanne, Switzerland


021 312 40 87

NileGuide Expert tip:

If you really like authentic Chinese good go for the very spicy beef with steamed vegetables. Most Swiss could not eat it that hot. My Nanjing student loves it! Just like home.


In the French Speaking region of Switzerland Chinese restaurants and their cuisine are considered very exotic with grand oriental décor, linen table clothes and very high prices. Having lived in Hawaii, especially having to pay those Swiss prices, I was always disappointed because most of it is without much flavor or all dishes have the same flavor. But one of my university students from Nanjing, China told me Chez Xu had the best Chinese food in Lausanne. And she had tried them all! This was authentic and traditional Chinese food and she went there at least once a week although she lived outside of Lausanne. She warned me that it was not elegant and just that fact interested me. It has an inviting aroma unlike many restaurants with deep fried food repugnant oils. The tiles are old and the décor is, in fact by necessity, an eclectic mix of the former French bistro with Chinese lanterns and simple wooden tables. However, it is sparkling clean and the service is charming and they almost speak French. You might even try English as that works well in most Chinese restaurants in Lausanne. The cuisine is excellent with healthy, fresh ingredients. There is not a lot of fat nor monosodium glutamate. The menu is simple but varied and you can find dishes here that are not served elsewhere. Prices are very reasonable at about $15 for the daily special. Some a la carte first-course items are only $5 and the main courses are from $15-20.

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