San Fernando Valley

What do Knocked Up, Valentine's Day, and Superbad all have in common? They were all filmed in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley or "The Valley", as it's known to locals. Home of major movie studios Warner Brothers, Disney, and CBS, the Valley hails as one of the hottest regions for filmmaking and movie production.

Home of the famous Valley Accent, visitors can find anything they need in the Valley from affordable accommodations to cheap family-style meals. Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, and the Kardashians all reside in the wealthy family-friendly suburb of Calabasas. Studio City, known as the "Beverly Hills" of the Valley, boasts a growing number of shops, restaurants, and nightlife along Ventura Boulevard.

Brunch early at Sweet Butter, take a leisurely hike along Fryman Canyon, and hit up the specialty boutiques around Laurel Canyon Boulevard to scoop up the latest trends in L.A. fashion. Get your sushi on at the original Katsuya for dinner and saunter over to Black Market Liquor or Laurel Tavern for a nightcap.



Chandler Studio Theater

L.A. Connection Comedy Theatre

Club Tee Gee

Oil Can Harry's

Lulu's Beehive

Timmy Nolan's

Spark Woodfire Grill

Muddy Moose Bar & Grill

Maui Sugar Mill Saloon

BJ's Brewery



Warner Bros Museum

Great Wall of Los Angeles


Museum of the American West

The Church at Rocky Peak

Forest Lawn Museum of Mexican and American History

Forest Lawn - Hollywood Hills

Mount Sinai Memorial Park


The Swinging Door

The Coffee Roaster

Kung Pao Bistro


The Great Greek

Petit Chateau (Le)

Boneyard Bistro

Mel's Drive In

John O'Groats Grille and Pub

Dr. Hogly Wogly's Tyler Texas BBQ

Joselito's Mexican Food

Mom's Bar B-Q House

Art's Delicatessen

Sushi Yotsuya


Holiday Inn Express Van Nuys

Sheraton Universal Hotel

Travelodge Van Nuys

Holiday Inn Express Universal City

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